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This practice began appropriately enough with the funeral procession of The Duke of Wellington, a man who famously designed his own type of boot.

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Should I buy EMU or UGG boots?

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But as we all know, the boots can be easily stained.

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I still remember last year when this collection was released to the public, people held different opinions towards it.

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Michael and Liza along with her grandson Tarquin have read some selections in her memory and another grandson Rhys Tivey performed a solo Amazing Grace with trumpet.

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Nowadays UGG has produced a dazzling array of snow boots, casual shoes, sandals and a variety of seasonal sheepskin footwear.

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Deriving from Australia several decades ago, UGG shoe was initially created by a few Australian pilots with two pieces of sheepskin wrapped in feet to withstand the bitter cold weather during their long journey.

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